A Chameleon in Africa:
Innovation, research and sustainability in Mozambique

To promote and encourage research on environmental protection and on the sustainability of paper products in developing countries: this is one of the main purposes for which ProntoPack Foundation was created.

With this objective in mind, A Chameleon in Africa was born: a project that involves different actors and that aims to finance packaging researches in Africa, a continent that is becoming a cutting-edge area for the packaging industry, with an increase in demand due to an increase in the market for consumer products.

Together with ProntoPack Foundation, the University of Trento and the Center for International Cooperation are committed to providing students with a higher education course with a focus on transversal skills and based on two characterizing experiences in close collaboration with CAM – Consortium of Associations with Mozambique both for the conduct of thesis researches and post-graduate internships:

“Since 2000, the Consortium of Associations with Mozambique has launched numerous projects in Mozambique and Trentino, with the aim of improving the living conditions of people living in the Province of Sofala, raising awareness and involving at the same time Trentino and Italian actors.

The activities of the CAM are based on the values of human rights, solidarity between peoples and international cooperation and are possible thanks to the support of many partners and volunteers.”

The CAM of Trento

Two students will be chosen among the undergraduates of the University of Trento, included in the TALETE program, a professionally qualifying training course, aimed at students enrolled in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Sociology and Social Research and the School of International Studies.

Honours Programme TALETE | UniTrento

It is with immense honor that ProntoPack Foundation is committed to the project “A Chameleon in Africa”, funding students in their thesis and internship paths.


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