Between work and hobbies, Marco’s trick is to smile and,
if needed, take a deep breath!

Marco Aldeghi is in our company since ProntoPack was still Fratelli Rotta Srl. A versatile man, he is a precise and helpful person. Today he tells us something more about himself!

Marco, what do you deal with at ProntoPack? 

My job mainly consists in receiving and handling incoming raw material, in particular unloading and organising reels, where we introduce and quality check the received goods after the warehousing. 

I also work together with the Production Manager, in order to manage the reels and pallets warehouse, prepare the samples and meet other needs.  

I am the company’s Workers’ Health and Safety Representative and work together with the Production Manager and the Human Resources Manager to continuously monitor the company’s safety. 

You’ve been working at ProntoPack for a long time. Can you tell us something about these (almost) 30 years? 

I’ve been working here since 1996 and I was lucky to fully live the transition and the transformation towards the company that it is now. 

I’ve been a spectator of many changes, both regarding the staff growth and the digital transformation. 

The path was occasionally demanding, but surely exciting: we’ve witnessed continuous improvements and I’m really satisfied with the work we’ve all done. 

Does it ever happen that you have to face difficult situations? 

I wouldn’t say I’ve faced particularly complicated situations. In the raw materials’ warehouse the priority is to quickly organise the space in an optimal way, so the orders can be shipped with the highest speed. 

The handlings are fast and dynamic because of the high number of incoming reels, and in times of peak work the right space management becomes the priority. 

Do you have any hobby in your free time?

I’ve recently taken up volleyball and beach volley again, a passion I’ve always cultivated. 

I love classical music, listening to it and… playing it! In fact, I’m an organist: unluckily I’ve never finished the conservatory because of some wrist incidents, but I still play by passion. For example, I happened to play the organ at my town’s kindergarten play and I conduct a small amateur choir. 

I love and respect animals and nature, but I never put them before people; as a matter of fact, for 20 years I have been a Green Cross volunteer, for urgent and emergency services. 

Do you never stop then?! 

When I want to relax, I really enjoy reading and my favourite authors are Wilbur Smith and Dan Brown. 

The last book I read is “Bianco come Dio” (“As white as God”) by Nicolò Govoni. It’s the story of a group of Indian children who live in an orphanage, where the author himself lived for some time and then decided to write this story to raise funds for the organisation and for the kids’ education. 

And lastly, our ritual question: can you give us your word of wisdom? 

Breathe and you’ll get over it! 

If you’re anxious or worried for something, breathe, oxygenate the brain and you’ll see that you’ll find the solution! 


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