Creating economic value to promote social value

At ProntoPack we strongly believe in one concept: developing a business that creates economic value with the aim of supporting other values.  

The business, in fact, has to bring financial and economic value and is necessary to create jobs and generate additional value. In this historical moment, however, the economic value can no longer be enough and must do more by integrating other values: ethical, social, moral.  

This is why in 2020 we created ProntoPack Foundation, our non-profit organization which pursues the ethical objective on 3 purposes:  

      1. Promoting the protection of the local area and community support 
      2. Promoting  the development and spread of responsibility and environmental protection 
      3. Improving economic, social and working conditions in developing countries  

In our speech at the Sheraton Hotel in Como, during the Crédit Agricole event, the activities of the ProntoPack Foundation were the culmination of a process started from the sustainability that we strive daily in our work.  


ProntoPack group and sustainable commitment

The issue of sustainability has been included in our daily lives for years. Our products, paper and cartonboard, are often associated with a negative view, being perceived as something far from green business. The truth is, exactly because we are so close to nature, we go to great lengths to limit our footprint. How?  


ProntoPack offers a cutting service in customized sizes, also for small quantities: in this way material waste is kept to minimum.  


The grammages of our cartonboard are lighter: this means you can get the same performance with a lower overall weight of the order. Try BeLight and discover our proposal.


We strive every day to maintain the highest level in terms of quality of work and production, to maintain the chain of custody of the FSC (ICILA-COC-002629 certificate) and PEFC (ICILA-PEFC-COC-002630 certificate) environmental certifications, as well as quality with our ISO9001 certification. 


Inside the headquarter located in Oggiono, a 115kW photovoltaic system is installed, which currently covers 50% of the company’s energy needs.  

This has allowed a saving of approximately 115 tons per year of carbon dioxide emissions. 


Thanks to the collaboration with Treedom we decided to support reforestation projects by planting trees first in Kenya and then in 4 other countries.  

Our forest has currently 1.085 trees for a total of 275 tons of CO2 absorbed. 


Plans for the future: what are the next steps?

 We have many projects in mind for the future and we know that with perseverance and commitment we will soon be able to achieve them. Some projects are already underway and we talked about them during our speech.  

In this regard, all the activities of the ProntoPack Foundation cover a great part, with the aims of environmental, social and solidarity support, always keeping an eye on the future.   

We have had the opportunity to follow more than 15 projects in these past two years and many additional ones have yet to be launched.  

In order to support ProntoPack Foundation we have started a campaign to raise funds through GoFundMe, to allow everyone to take part in projects they feel close to. For the full details, you can visit our website and check out the “open projects” section.