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The new horizontal Park in Oggiono:
an open-sky classroom and a sensory trail for the area  

ProntoPack Foundation supports the new horizontal Park in Oggiono: an open-sky classroom and a sensory trail for the area.

The city of Oggiono enthusiastically welcomes the new Horizontal Park, a 300-meter green oasis designed to promote inclusion and protect biodiversity. Thanks to the contribution of the ProntoPack Foundation, this space is designed to be fully accessible to people with motor and sensory disabilities, providing a welcoming and sustainable environment for all.  

An inclusive and sustainable park  

 The Horizontal Park provides a unique opportunity for Oggiono residents to enjoy a walk in the fresh air and participate in a range of engaging activities. With the goal of promoting sustainable and accessible choices, the park becomes a community and meeting place where new and old residents can discover and appreciate the city as they develop a greater awareness of environmental and social issues.  

Park features and facilities

Prominent among the innovative facilities in the park are the information signs with Braille characters, which ensure that information can also be used by blind people. The trail and physical activity equipment are also designed to be usable by people with mobility disabilities, ensuring inclusiveness and accessibility.  

 A distinctive feature of Horizontal Park is the flower beds, designed specifically to engage the senses of blind people, allowing them to explore the park through touch and smell. In addition, the park houses installations and plants designed to encourage biodiversity, with educational areas providing educational opportunities for both children and adults.  

A community biodiversity project

 Bees and other insects are at the center of the project, considered key resources for the area. The Mayor of Oggiono, Chiara Narciso, described the park as “an accessible nature trail,” created in collaboration with the association Oggiono per l’Ambiente (Oggiono for the environment), the Oggiono Community Fund and students from the Bachelet Institute.  

The opening of the Park

Attending inauguration ceremony were, in addition to Mayor Chiara Narciso, deputy mayor Michele Negri, culture alderman Giovanni Corti, city planning alderman Matteo Pirola, and Oggiono Community Fund president Alberto Lotti. During the event, participants were able to explore the various areas of the park, including the outdoor classroom seating, the bee restocking area, and the inclusive health trail.  

A sustainable future for Oggiono

 Oggiono’s Horizontal Park is much more than a green space; it is a symbol of community engagement and sustainability. With its tree and flower essences that attract pollinating insects, this park not only contributes to the protection of biodiversity but also becomes a place of education and awareness for future generations.