Packaging trends in 2023:
is your packaging trendy?

Packaging trends in 2023

Every product, or almost, is packed inside a packaging that protects its contents, sets it apart on the shelf, communicates values.   

Packaging, over the years, has undergone major changes that go along with the evolution of the market and the consumer.  

The purchase is more conscious today because the consumer has an ever-increasing amount of competing products at various price ranges.   


Hence, how to standing out from competitors and stay competitive in order to be chosen by the consumer?

Well definitely staying true to your brand identity and … following market trends 

We have listed here some of them, perhaps trivial but essential to ride the wave of consumers. 

1st Trend: focus given to environmental impact

Calling it a trend is an understatement. Environmental attention is an essential feature which now plays an important role in guiding consumer choices.  

Plastic is one of the most cumbersome problems regarding marine and terrestrial pollution, so it is good to move away from the issue and turn to greener alternatives.

Cartonboard is definitely one of these: it often manages to replace plastic, thanks to continuous innovation, barrier features or thickness and rigidity.   

2nd Trend: customization

The ABC of Marketing that every brand considers when creating packaging: owning a recognizable brand identity.   

The differentiating factor in 2023 will be to make the consumer involved and protagonist, designing a packaging that meets his needs. From the design of the packaging to its graphics: it is no coincidence that we think that great brands, leaders in the market in which they operate, have based all their communication on customization and limited edition. 

Considering the most recent and current example, we cannot fail to mention Barilla’s limited edition heart-shaped pasta, available only in America, in a packaging made of cartonboard, with the identity colors of its brand but with a customization that makes us all want to buy a case. 

3rd Trend: minimalization  

Sustainable but hard to use packaging gets cut as is unsustainable packaging. The minimal approach is the keystone of 2023 packaging,  also thanks to the ever-increasing home delivery and the little time available to cook, which require that cases and pockets are easy to open and close. 

In addition, the more minimal the packaging is, the smaller the size will be – a fundamental aspect in terms of material saving and recycling and a key element in the consumer’s decision. 

4th Trend: digitalization

… of packaging? Yes of course!  

Nowadays we no longer do anything without our smartphone, which has accustomed us to getting all the information we are looking for in a few seconds with a few clicks.

Because of that, packaging cannot stay analog, and becomes digital thanks to QR Code, NFC and Augmented Reality, which lead the consumer to experience the packaging in a new and interactive way, nurturing trust and loyalty towards the brand. 


It is with these trends in mind and considering all the needs of our customers that we design with them folding cartonboard packaging used in food, cosmetic, parapharmaceutical and many other sectors.  

If you have any concerns about your packaging or would like to try to evaluate a different path in 2023, our experienced team will be glad to suggest you the best cartonboard that suits your needs! 

Get in touch with us! 


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