ProntoPack Foundation
The evolutions we experience make us think

The changes and the complexity of the international situation constantly provide us with food for thought.
As a company, we have always focused on finding ways to “do our bit” in society, often taking on commitments that go somewhat beyond our strictly professional activities.
In 2020, we decided to establish ProntoPack Foundation, a no-profit company set up to support environmental and solidarity projects.

With our heart full of ideas, we immediately rolled up our sleeves, committing ourselves to participating in many projects in Europe and further afield.


The objectives of the Foundation are geared to support sustainable development and cooperation projects, with a  view to:

promoting and fostering the development and dissemination of a culture of social responsibility and environmental protection by raising awareness about the use and responsible consumption of paper products.

improving the economic, social, and working conditions in developing countries, by launching and boosting local, business and community development, and by engaging stakeholders in training and educational initiatives.

promoting and favouring research on matters of environmental protection, also by forging links and partnerships with national and international authorities, institutions, and bodies.


The Foundation pursues its objectives through different activities:

  • projects and programmes designed to develop and support small local businesses in countries and areas in conditions of objective hardship;
  • participation in direct and partnership-based forms of support, and in international solidarity projects;
  • research projects geared to promoting the compatible and more effective use of paper products in developing countries;
  • professional training courses and modules designed to increment the specialisation of staff in the sectors of local small businesses and in international projects;
  • awareness-raising and environmental education projects geared to promoting an appropriate use of “packaging” through certified materials and with a view to establishing good practices for recycling the materials used;
  • the introduction of new transportation planning models for paper products, in European and extra-European countries, also by forging collaborative agreements with companies, third sector entities and international bodies;
  • staging educational and training projects in schools, through interventions designed to favour the correct and responsible use of environmental resources;
  • organising conventions, seminars, and meetings for analysing and researching matters regarding environmental protection and the correct use of paper products;
  • collecting, drafting, publishing, and cataloguing informative material, also for multimedia use, on the topics of environmental protection, international solidarity, and local business, or promoting studies and research carried out by institutions, authorities, and the Foundation itself;
  • offering scholarships and competitions with prizes in the professional training area regarding the topics of focus for the Foundation;
  • organising and participating in events, artistic and cultural initiatives, shows, exhibitions, and educational workshops concerning the areas of environmental protection, education, and solidarity projects.