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We present you Words of Paperboard:
Tear Resistance

Everything you need to know about paperboard, explained in a few words!

Words of Paperboard is a column about paperboard’s characteristics and properties that are often unknown, but are fundamental in order to choose the best cardboard for all your needs.

Let’s start by talking about TEAR RESISTANCE.

What is tear resistance?

This property indicates the ability of a material to resist tearing. The tear resistance value determines whether a cardboard is brittle or tenacious.

How does this occur?

On the basis of certain test procedures and equipment, an attempt is made to simulate the tearing of paper and cardboard (tear perpendicular to the plane of the paper): after having made a notch, the tearing is carried out according to pre-established conditions.

Given the setting of the test procedure, the values for thick paper and cardboard are influenced by their rigidity at the time of bending during tearing. In addition, in the multilayer cardboard tear test the tear turns into a delamination or a combination of these two processes.

What does a higher tear resistance depend on?

Higher tear resistance depends first of all on the general level of resistance (tensile strength and elongation), the amount of long fibers and their cohesion (the more the fibers and the longer they are, the more the tear resistance).

For example, in recycled cardboards, tear resistance is lower than in virgin fiber cardboards precisely because of the shorter length of the recycled fibers. Virgin fibers guarantee greater strength and therefore high tear resistance with lighter weights. This allows you to have more solid cases, the possibility of greater processing and finishing effects.

Recycled fibers cardboards obtain high strengths by increasing the weight.

What is the ProntoPack product with the highest tear resistance?

Among all the products that ProntoPack offers, the KlaFold is certainly the one with the highest tear resistance. It is made with virgin fibers and its composition of long and short fibers, CTMP and fiber makes it a product characterized by excellent rigidity and printability.

In the packaging sector, the protective function is of primary importance. For this reason, one of the determining criteria for the choice of cardboard will be resistance to multiple stresses, including tear resistance. KlaFold is recommended for all types of packaging where the characteristics of rigidity are essential and is also approved by ISEGA for direct contact with food.




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