Words of Paperboard:
Paperboard’s grammage

Grammage is one of paperboard’s measurable properties. Related to grammage we find weight, stiffness, thickness and other properties.

How is grammage defined?

Grammage indicates paperboard’s weight per unit of area in g/m2.

Grammage determines the category the material falls into:

  • paper, that is material with a grammage below 160 g/m2
  • paperboard, that is material with a grammage between 160 g/m2  and 500 g/m2
  • cardboard, that is material with grammage over 500 g/m2

Grammage reduction is possible!

It is not always necessary to choose high grammages in order to have high-quality products.

In fact, high grammages ensure optimal performance in terms of stiffness and resistance, but entail a higher order’s total weight compared to lower grammages products.

Among our ProntoPack’s products you can find alternative products which, with a lower grammage, keep the same performance as the product used at the moment, reducing the total weight.

In order to find it, simply give BeLIGHT a try!

BeLIGHT is the free web application that lets you compare the products on the market and discover the ProntoPack solutions to minimize waste and reduce costs, thanks to the customized cut and to the possibility to reduce the grammage.

BeLIGHT’s advantages when choosing the paperboard:

Using BeLIGHT is very simple: you just have to select the product that you use at the moment or the desired product’s characteristics and the comparator will show the products that keep the required properties, with the goal of reducing the load’s grammage.

You could find an alternative product which, with a lower grammage, keeps the same performance but reduces your order’s overall weight. A lighter weight… on the environment too!

Try it in complete autonomy, every time you need it! 👇



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